Recently, I Went On A Hike Rather Than A Swim!

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natureNever once in my life would I have thought that I would have this experience. But, indeed, it happened to me anyway! For too long, I have been working way too hard at a boring office job that I never liked. With the ridiculous hours that I have put in in the past, it is a miracle that I managed to get any kind of exercise at all. There is no doubt in my mind that I have paid the price from my health. These long hours are taking the life right out of me. I am currently pushing middle age… and by middle age I mean middle fourties, and I can totally feel my body becoming a bit tired now. We should all give mother nature an applause for saddling us up with these horribly fragile bodies that make us age and get sick all the time. Now in mother nature’s defense… I am a tad bit on the heavy side and that’s also a bit my fault. I try to hit the gym a few times a week, but I don’t always get enough exercise. I do not really like having to put in all that energy if you do not mind me being honest. Living in a very small city, we have only a single gym at our disposal. And it’s not exactly a large place. I also do not like the smelly odor that hangs around there.

nature trailIt was not too long ago that I was looking forward to having multiple weeks off, because I had been saving up some off days. I never like to spread them across the whole year, I like to save up and have them all at once. This last summer, I had almost the whole month of August off, with all my time for myself. I needed to find something fun to do with that deluge of free time I had on my hands. A friend of mine came over for a visit. His name is Frank. And Frank is a sporty person. He has taken up hiking a few years ago. He learned all about it from And when we were talking, he all of a sudden invited me to go along on a hike. I was thinking to myself that this guy had lost it. I’m way too fat and out of shape. How can I possible hike? I figured he was just yanking my chain. Or that he was just making a joke or something. But I soon realized that he was pretty serious about this.

mountain viewHe had it in his head that he was going to drag me along on a hike and there wasn’t anything that I was going to do about it. He is a very convincing person and it did not take him a long time to convince me. I was deathly afraid that I would not be able to keep up, because I’m in much worse shape than he is. I mentioned this to Frank but he told me he doesn’t mind if we take a few more breaks than average. He doesn’t always feel like straining himself too much, anyway. That sure was a relief. It was like a big burden fell off my shoulders. So after a while, I gave him the green signal he had been wanting to hear from me all along. I was not prepared at all. Nor did I know how you are supposed to prepare for something like this. Frank knew what sort of stuff you need to take with you on such a hike, so he helped me prepare for the trip. The one thing you are going to need for sure, is a good pair of hiking boots. Other than that, you will need extra clothes. You will also need a tent and sleeping bags if you intend to sleep on the trail. And you will also want to take coffee with you, if you just so happen to have a caffeine addiction going on in your life.

meditation watersFrank and I hit the web and started making a list of all the stuff we wanted to bring. We stumbled across a website call the Boot Bomb and it had a good review on all sorts of hiking boots. We have been browsing the website a bit more and the site turned out to have boat loads of useful information. I took my time to take in the whole site and I have learned much from it. The page I liked the most was the one about the hiking boots, because that is what I was about to do. The webmaster is a guy called Brian and he has much experience with hiking. He has owned many pairs of hiking boots in his life time and he knows all about it. Since I am overweight, I sometimes suffer from plantar fasciitis. And the problem with this condition is that it can get worse when you strain your feet a lot, such as what you do with hiking.

I don’t know if you have ever had to deal with this condition, but it certainly sucks pretty bad. Thankfully, there are boots available that will provide the support required in order to manage this condition. It’s quite a hassle having to deal with this. You can’t be walking around on sore feet your whole life, so you have to do something about it when you still can. You owe it to yourself to take this seriously, or you are going to have an extremely bad time. Being overweight in combination with having to stand up straight for a job I had many years ago, have caused me to develop this little medical problem. I used to help my dad out as a young boy. He would often set up a market stand and sell stuff on the market. All that standing in combination with the heavy weight that was bearing down on my tooties, has given me a mild case of plantar fasciitis over time. It is also a genetic matter. Because my father himself also suffered from this. My mom’s family does not have it, so I have my dad to thank for this. Oh well, it’s not my dad’s fault.

Luckily, my condition is manageable. And I look forward to my upcoming hike with my best friend Frank!

What To Do When You Hit Middle Age And Want To Remain Fit?

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tips for bench pressingI am a man who is now in his mid fourties, and I have been hitting the gym and lifting heavy iron as long as my memory goes back. I absolutely love the sport of lifting weights. But it sure does get a whole lot harder when you grow older and weaker. Many years of wear and tear on your body will eventually start taking their toll on you, and there is not much you can do to stop it. Lifting might help you stay in shape, but in some way it also takes its toll on you (especially your joints). If you are not careful, your joints can seriously start to hurt if you don’t know what you are doing. But your joints aren’t the only part of your body that’s going to ‘go’, if you understand what I mean. Aging in guys will eventually lead to a great decrease in the male sex hormone known as testosterone, which has the tendency to drop down further every year. The worst about test levels is that they start dropping off from about your mid thirties or something like that. But when it starts dropping off only a little bit, you are not going to notice a really big effect. It is not until your late fourties and especially you fifties when you start noticing the negative effects that dwindling test levels have on your physiology. Read more about it at the site.

tips for muscle gainYou absolutely have to have good levels of testosterone if you want to feel good about yourself and if you want to perform well in the gym. This hormone is very important when it comes to rebuilding muscles after you have ‘attacked’ them by lifting heavy weights for a longer period of time, and they also keep you from being irritable all the time. Have you ever noticed that older guys get a lot more aggrevated as their years start adding up? I have a sneaking suspicion that this is all because of lower testosterone levels in these older guys. I also started to get a bit more irritated by just about everything as soon as I started hitting the dread big four oh. And there’s nothing funny about it.

If only increasing your testosterone levels was as easy as buying an over the counter supplement. And guess what… that’s exactly how easy it is, because such a supplement exists nowadays. There are supplements that have a combination of nutrients and vitamins in them that have been put together with the single purpose of promoting testosterone production inside of your very own body. So I’m sure you can imagine that this will really help increase your t levels. They are called testosterone boosters, and the great thing about them is that they are completely natural. Using these test boosters, you can push your t levels back to the leve they were at decades ago, when you were just a young boy.

up it goesNeedless to say, as soon as I realized there was a way to combat dwindling t levels, I was on board for the ride. Before you knew it, I was researching all of the booster supplements I could find online, because I had to find out which one was the absolute best. They are all claiming to be the best, ofcourse. But we all know there can be only one that is truly the best. Not all boosters are alike and not all of them will give you equal results. I have stumbled caross Testofuel and Pro Testosterone myself, and it turns out that these are the most well known and also the very best ones. Are you still sceptical? By all means, go out on the web and research this subject yourself. I honestly think you aren’t going to find anything a whole lot better than the two I mentioned. From my own research, I have learned that these two are the strongest supplements there are on today’s market.

weight lifterIf you search on the web for reviews of these boosters, you’re going to find a lot of positive reviews about them. I would not call these two supplements cheap… but on the other side, once you have gotten to be the age at which you are going to need them, then it is likely you will have saved up enough money to purchase these on a regular basis. If you are dead serious about seeing good weight lifting results from your hard earned efforts at the gym, then you are going to have to ensure that your test levels stay at a certain level. You certainly do not want to be breaking your back in the gym and then not even getting good results from it, are you? I for one, sure as heck do not want this! And then there’s the added benefit of not busting my joints too much when I am making a quicker recovery from my training. The better your muscles have recovered, the better they are able to lift weight… taking stress off your joints. And that’s precisely how it ought to be… most of the lifting coming from your well rested, well recovered muscle tissue. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

The website that I linked to above, also has a review of a completely legit one called Testofuel up, and it explains how it works and basically says that you can get real results from it. Are you new to this whole subject? In that case I recommend you get your rear over there and read up on all the info this guy throws at you. The webmaster has a way with words and he really knows how to explain everything well, in such a way that you will surely understand it. The great thing about a completely organic supplement, is that you will have absolutely no side effects from it. How can you? It’s all natural. These types of booster supplements have nothing to do with steroids at all, so therefore you can realistically expect that you won’t see any side effects from them. Since boosters are mostly comprised of nutrient extracts and vitamins, it’s kind of like taking a vitamin pill. They are a tad bit on the pricey side, though. But we are talking about the hormone that makes a man a man, so man up and get yourself some boosters, you guys!

Baby Swimming Is All The Rage

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babySwimming is a healthy sport that can be practices by people of all ages. It helps you get in shape more quickly than any other kind of sport out there, because you’re using your whole body in one big, giant resistance marathon from one end of the pool to the other. How many other sports out there require so much of the human body’s major muscle groups all at the same time? I can’t think of a single one. And that’s perhaps the reason why swimming has become so immensely popular as of late. You see more and more people taking up this noble sport with every passing year. Maybe it has something to do with Michael Phelps being in such good shape from his swimming activities.

But enough about Michael Phelps. There’s a whole new demographic that wants to learn how to swim, and that demographic is babies! Yes, you read it right my dear sir. Babies! Babies have been swimming for longer than you realize. The thing with babies is that they spend their first few 9 months dabbling around in a fluid, so it only makes sense that they’re born right into another fluid, right? Some mommies want to see their babies learn how to swim right from the get go,so they opt for a water birth. It’s said to be a very relaxing experience. I can imagine that a woman would want to be in a very comfortable position when she is giving birth. And the only thing more comfortable than a bed is a pool of water.

Swimming For Babies

momBabies require a lot of care. Nothing is every good enough for your baby. You want your baby to be raised the best way he can be. You’re going to have to buy him or her a lot of stuff in order to make sure he or she grows up as well as can be. It’s not just diapers, wipes, mobiles and other kinds of toys. You’ll also need a good food maker, if you’re serious about feeding your baby all the required nutrients that he or she needs when enrolled in a swimming class. Because swimming can be quite exhausting, even for babies. So for that reason, also make sure they will get a good night’s sleep in the best crib you can find on the market. And naturally… you will want to be able to transport your child from home to your local swimming pool. I assume you already posessed a car. Now if you want to drive that kid from A to B safely, then be sure to put him or her in the most safe and comfortable car seat you are able to get your hands on.

So if you’re going to be buying dozens of things in order to raise your kid as well as you can, then you might as well also buy him or her those swimming lessons as well. Because a baby’s swimming lessons don’t begin when they are born in the water. That’s just the start of it. Babies hold their breath under water instinctively. You can make use of this. It really helps very well to teach kids to swim at an early age. There is much less of a risk of drowning later on, should your child ever fall in the water. As a matter of fact, drowning prevention is actually the primary reason why parents choose to do this stuff. I can totally understand that parents would want this for their child, especially if they just so happen to live close to water. Or perhaps if they know somebody who has tragically lost a child to drowning.

girlIt’s fascinating that young children have the innate ability to move through water and essentially become one with it. Children who are older, say 3 or 4, are able to drown in water if they haven’t had proper swimming lessons. But babies are totally alright with being underwater for a small bit of time. They hold their breath naturally, as if they’ve been doing nothing but swimming all their lives. This phenomenon is referred to as apnea. But it also slows down their heart rate. This phenomenon is referred to as reflex bradycardia. Lastly, the blood flow to the extremities is reduced. This phenomenon also has a name: peripheral vasoconstriction.

It works exactly the same in adults, by the way. But it’s still pretty amazing that we are all born with the natural ability to do this. And somehow we unlearn it when we grow to become toddlers. After having informed myself about swimming lessons for babies, I must admit that I’ve become a huge fan of it. It’s certainly the best way to prevent any kind of drowning disaster. Besides, I’ve always believed in the benefits of training the human body in order to get it to peak performance. What better age to start than 0?

Drowning Prevention

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you are a parent and you just so happen to have a swimming pool… then this automatically means your child has a much larger chance of drowning in an accident than a child of parents who do not own a pool. I know, it’s kind of obvious. But I just had to state it. So my point is… if you have a pool, then why not make use of it to teach your baby how to swim and dive and hold his or her breath? It seems to me like this would be a great way of having fun with your child, all the while preventing any drowning accident in the near future. Next to accident prevention, it also seems like a good way to bond with your baby!

You can teach young babies all sorts of neat tricks. Diving is just one of them. They can also float on their backs and breathe in a controller manner. And then they are able to flip on their bellies and swim towards the edge of the pool. When they run out of breath, they flip on their backs and breathe again. As I’m sure you can guess, this method is called ‘swim, float, swim’.

Babies use this successfully to cross from one side of the pool to the other. And if babies can do it, then so can toddlers. No reason to lose your child in a tragic water accident. Just teach those babies how to swim!

See Baby Rene Float On His Back To Save Himself

Welcome To The New Swimming First Site!

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swimming2When it comes to physical exercise, swimming is one of the most overlooked types of workouts you can get. Anybody that has ever bothered to watch the Olympics will surely have noticed that swimmers are generally in very good shape. The reason for this is that swimmers make use of all their body’s muscle groups.

Many people don’t realize it, but swimming is a powerful enough exercise that it can actually give you a six pack. Truth be told, swimming alone isn’t going to cut it. You also need to be watching your diet. But then again, this goes for all types of training and swimming is no exception to the rule.

So when you are, in fact, on a good diet because you want to burn a few pounds of body fat and maybe gain a few pounds of body muscle, then swimming would be a really good addition to your (existing) training regimen. If you are health conscious at all, then you are probably already going to the gym every once in a while already.

swimming3And kudos on you for doing so. But most people in the gym stick to these exercises that will isolate small groups of muscles. Rarely do I see people on a program that incorporates nothing but big muscle groups.

Examples of small muscle group exercises are bicep curls and other such restricting exercises.  Examples of big muscle group exercises are squats, kettle bell swings, pull ups, push ups, bar dips and the like. And then there’s the best big muscle group exercise of all… swimming!

Many gyms these days have a swimming pool under the same roof as all their exercise equipment as well. So if your gym just so happens to be one of those gyms, then I highly recommend you make use of said facilities and take a swim!

I see a lot of people struggling with fat around the torso. The so called spare tire or love handles. I hate these things and I’ve had a much easier time of getting rid of them now that I’ve taken up swimming.

swimming4You see, when you are swimming, the rectus abdominus (your abs muscles) are moving along with every motion you make. This muscle group is under constant stress when you are flailing your extremities around in the water. Swim for a long distance and feel the burn right in your abs. This is how six packs are made!

Swimming is a great middle road when it comes to cardio and resistance training. With regular cardio, there isn’t much resistance at all. But the nature of swimming is that it is both cardio as well as resistance training. It’s a really great combination. Pure cardio has fallen from grace a long time ago.

Running for endless hours on a treadmill isn’t going to give you the results you want. You will always want to incorporate resistance in your training. You need muscles in order to burn fat. Pure cardio alone will get rid of some fat and a lot of muscle. Soon, you won’t have enough muscle to burn any fat!

Swimming is a type of cardio that completely prevents muscle wastage. And that is why I so highly recommend the noble art of swimming!

Here’s a few tricks you can use to swim like an Olympian.